Our burgers are fresh Black Angus ground chuck.

  • Our seafood is fresh from New Bedford delivered in our own trucks.
  • Our shellfish is fresh from Cape Cod.
  • All our soups are made right here at the diner.
  • We roast our own turkey.
  • Our chicken is always fresh.
  • We use one of the finest soybean oils on the market in our deep fryers.
  • We make all our entrees & specials right here at the diner. Meatloaf, chicken pot pie, chicken croquette's, poultry stuffing, tartar sauce, chili and more are all made here from our own recipes.
  • Our corned beef hash is made here, we even cook the corned beef here to make it.
  • We get our bread from a local bakery, not mass produced in another state.
  • We use a proprietary blend with 100% Vermont maple syrup for our pancakes, French Toast, & Waffles.
  • We hand cut the onions for our onion rings.

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