The Opening Act

Daddy O’s-$6.99
Fried onion rings served w/ thousand island dressing.

Wild Thing-$6.99
Fried dill pickle slices served with ranch dressing.

Love Me Tender-$8.99
Fried chicken tenders served w/ honey mustard or BBQ sauce.

Great Balls of Fire-$8.99
Fried buffalo chicken tenders served with cucumbers and bleu cheese dressing.

The Mambo Combo-$9.99
Bacon & cheese quesadilla, cheese nachos & 4 Fried chicken tenders.

Tasmanian Devil-$7.99
Grilled quesadilla with cheese tomatoes & scallions.
add chicken, bacon, broccoli or chili. $2.00

La Bamba-$7.99
Nachos w/ diced tomatoes,scallions, jalapenos, jack & cheddar cheese.
add chicken, bacon, broccoli or chili. $2.00

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Wednesday Lunch/ Dinner Specials

1. American Chop Suey $9.99
Served with a grilled garlic roll.

2. Kansas City BBQ Pork Sandwich $10.99 . Hickory smoked Pulled Pork, tossed in a Kansas City Style BBQ sauce,
Served on a bulky roll and topped with Cheddar cheese, served with ff & cole slaw.

3. Buzzard’s Bay Combo $13.99
Two of Johnny’s Baked Stuffed Quahogs, served with butter & lemon and Fried Haddock,
Served with onion rings, ff, cole slaw & tartar sauce.

4. Fried Seafarer’s Platter $16.99
Fresh Haddock, Clam Strips & Shrimp, served with ff, cole slaw, onion rings
And home made tartar sauce.

5. Sirloin Steak Caesar $15.99
An 8oz. Grilled Sirloin Steak, sliced and served over our large Caesar Salad
And garnished with Garlic Bread.

6. Fresh Lobster Salad Roll $19.99
4oz. of fresh lobster meat, mixed with mayonnaise and served on a grilled roll
With shredded lettuce, served with ff & cole slaw.

7. Stock Yard Steak Tips $16.99
Our Grilled Steak Tips, served over potato hash browns and topped with sautéed onions,
Mushrooms, peppers and brown gravy with a side of vegetable.

We Have Draft Root Beer, Cream Soda & Orange Pop on Tap!
We now have Shipyard Pumpkin Ale & Sam Adams Octoberfest on Tap!

Thursday Breakfast

BBQ Beef Breakfast Quesadilla $8.99
Grilled Honey Wheat Tortilla, filled with scrambled eggs, diced onions,
BBQ Beef Brisket and Jack & Cheddar Cheese, served with sour cream.

Sweet Bread French Toast $8.99
Thick cut Portuguese Sweet Bread, dipped in our French Toast batter and
Grilled to a golden brown, served with butter & warm maple syrup.
Bacon and Swiss Quiche $8.99
Served with home fries.

Piggly Wiggly Omelette $9.99.
Our three egg omelette with bacon, ham, sausage, linguica &
Melted mixed cheese, served with home fries & toast.