Big Bopper Burgers

All of our burgers are now available as Beef, Turkey or Veggie Burgers.

Only the Lonely $8.99 sm/$ 9.99 lg
Burger on a bun.

The Honey Mooner $9.99 sm/ 10.99 lg
"Lettuce alone!" w/ tomato.

Crying Over You $9.49 sm/ $10.49 lg
Sauteed onions.

The Coupe $9.99 sm/ 10.99 lg
Bacon cheddar cheeseburger.

Speedy Gonzalez $9.99 sm/ 10.99 lg
Chili & cheddar cheeseburger.

Blue Suede Shoes $10.49 sm/ 11.49 lg
Crumbled bleu cheese & bacon.

The Whimpy $9.49 sm/ $10.49 lg
"You have to pay for this one!" Choice of American, Swiss, cheddar or provolone cheese.

Ma Barker’s Club $11.99
Cheeseburger club w/ bacon, lettuce & tomato.

The Uncle Miltie $9.99 sm/ 10.99 lg
"No dresses on this one!" Sauteed mushrooms & Swiss cheese.

Wagon Train $10.99 sm/ 11.99 lg
Cheddar cheese, onion rings & bourbon BBQ sauce.

Uncle Jeff’s Burger $10.49 sm/ 11.49 lg
Sauerkraut, Russian dressing & Swiss cheese.

The Duke $10.99 sm/11.99lg
Peppers, onions, bacon, BBQ sauce & cheddar cheese.

Hot Rod Lincoln $9.99 sm/ 10.99 lg
Cajun seasoning, mushrooms & provolone cheese.

The Middleboro Burger $10.99 sm/ 11.99 lg
Topped w/ mustard, ketchup, baked beans, cole slaw & American cheese.

The Bird $10.49
Turkey burger w/ lettuce, tomato & garlic herb dressing.

All burgers are garnished w/ pickle chips & choice of one: Homemade French fries, potato chips, mashed potato, vegetable, cole slaw or baked beans.

Homemade onion rings or sweet potato tots may be substituted for an additional $1.75. Lettuce, tomato or raw onion - $.50 each

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Tuesday Lunch/ Dinner Specials

1. Loaded Steak & Cheese Omelette $10.99
Our 3-Egg Omelette with grilled shaved steak, with peppers, onions, mushrooms
& American cheese, Served with home fries & toast.

2. Kansas City BBQ Pork Sandwich $10.99 . Hickory smoked Pulled Pork, tossed in a Kansas City Style BBQ sauce,
Served on a bulky roll and topped with Cheddar cheese, served with ff & cole slaw.

3. Meatball Parmesan Sub $10.99
Topped with marinara sauce, Provolone cheese & shredded Parmesan, served with ff or chips.

4. Fried Seafarer’s Platter $16.99
Fresh Haddock, Clam Strips & Shrimp, served with ff, cole slaw, onion rings
And home made tartar sauce.

5. Diner Surf & Turf $17.99
An 8oz. hand cut sirloin steak topped with onion rings & Fried Clam Strips,
Served with potato, vegetable & tartar sauce.

6. Fresh Lobster Salad Roll $19.99
4oz. of fresh lobster meat, mixed with mayonnaise and served on a grilled roll
With shredded lettuce, served with ff & cole slaw.

7. Mesquite Smoked BBQ Beef Brisket $13.99
Fresh Beef Brisket, slowly smoked with mesquite, then topped with a Kansas City BBQ
Sauce, served with ff, cole slaw, buttermilk biscuit and topped with onion rings.

We Have Draft Root Beer, Cream Soda & Orange Pop on Tap!
We now have Shipyard Pumpkin Ale & Sam Adams Octoberfest on Tap!

Tuesday Breakfast

Jumbo Croissant Sandwich $9.99
A jumbo croissant with two medium eggs, cheddar cheese,
& hickory smoked BBQ Pulled Pork.

Pineapple, Banana, Coconut French Toast $9.99
Served with butter & warm maple syrup.
Steak Tips & Eggs $11.99
Two eggs with marinated steak tips (with or without onions)
Served with hash brown potatoes & toast.

Mediterranean Omelette $9.99.
Our three egg omelette with roasted red peppers, spinach, tomato,
& fresh mozzarella cheese. Served with home fries & toast.