Dave’s Country Fried Chicken & Biscuits

What is "Country Fried Chicken"?
We start with USDA Grade A chick and prepare it with our special marinade. Then we dust the chicken in our own breader. We then use our exclusive cooking process that locks in the flavor, natural vitamins and nutrients. So our chicken comes out crisp on the outside and nice and juicy on the inside.

Country Fried 2-Piece Meal-9.99(Breast, Wing) 8.99 (Thigh, Leg)
Served with mashed potato, cole slaw, gravy & a biscuit
(2 breasts on any meal add $2.50)

Country Fried 3-Piece Meal-$10.99
Served with mashed potato, cole slaw, gravy & a biscuit
(2 breasts on any meal add $2.50)

Country Fried 4-Piece Meal-$11.99
Served with mashed potato, cole slaw, gravy & a biscuit
(2 breasts on any meal add $2.50)

Ala Carte-
Breast - $3.29
Wing - $1.49
Drumstick - $1.79
Thigh - $2.59

Take a Box o’ Chicken Home-
4 piece.....$6.99
8 piece.....$13.99
12 piece...$20.99
16 piece...$27.99
20 piece...$34.99
24 piece...$41.99

Equal amounts of wing, thigh, drumstick & breast. Cole slaw, Mashed Potato, Gravy, Baked Bean...$3.50/pint...$6.50/quart. Biscuits...$1.99 (2)...$3.50 (4)

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Tuesday Specials

1. Country Fried Steak $11.99
Breaded Steak, deep fried to a golden brown, Served w/ mashed potato,
Vegetable, Country gravy and a biscuit

2. Georges Bank Special $10.99
1-home made stuffed quahog, 1-fried seafood cake(haddock, shrimp, scallops & salmon)
Served w/ cole slaw, baked beans, onion rings, tartar sauce, lemon & butter.

3. Knockwurst & Beans $10.99
2-Grilled knockwurst w/ sauerkraut & baked beans, served w/ brown bread.

4. Diner Surf & Turf $14.99
Grilled Bourbon Style Steak Tips(with or without sauteed onions) & 1-Fried Seafood Cake
Served with potato, vegetable & tartar sauce.

5. Fried Seafarer Platter $15.99
Haddock, clam strips & bay scallops, served with ff, cole slaw,
onion rings & tartar sauce.

6. Baked Haddock Milan $15.99
Baked haddock topped w/ fresh basil pesto sauce, Panko crumbs, sliced tomato &
Shredded Parmesan Cheese, served with potato & vegetable.

7. Gorgonzola Steak House Salad $13.99
Our large house salad, topped with crumbled bacon, Gorgonzola Cheese and grilled
Steak Tips, served with a choice of dressing & garlic bread.

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Tuesday Breakfast Specials

Steak Tips & Eggs $10.99
Marinated steak tips & eggs w/ toast & home fries.

Cool Morning Omelette $8.99
Our 3-egg omelette,w/ linguica, bacon, ham, onion, & pepperjack cheese.
Served w/ home fries & toast.

Pudding French Toast $8.99
Our Texas toast French Toast topped w/ vanilla pudding & chocolate sauce.

Turkey Chili Skillet $7.99
Scrambled eggs, turkey chili, & cheese. Served over home fries w/ toast.

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